Understanding EMC!

20 years of EMC-training: "Design for EMC 2015"

EMC is no magic!

Still, many people believe so, as most of the EMC-phenomena are not very intuitive. And this is where our mission starts:

Our EMC-trainings always reveal what's happening under the hood: The physical principles underlying the various EMC-phenomena are vividly explained in detail. The resulting impact for practical electronic assemblies is derived. Based on this deeper understanding, practical solutions are suggested, which can be adapetd to his particular setup by the attendee.

Since the late 1980ies thousends of engineers have benefited from these classes and contributed to their further improvement through their feedback.

Usually, EMC doesn't come all by itself: Designing electronics for EMC usually has the side-effect of improved Signal-Integrity and system-stability. Because in most cases EMC and Signal-Integrity are inextricably linked to each other and thus call for a sound understanding of their interactions. A "Design-for-EMC" training will deliver exactly this understanding, spanning from the so-called 'basics' to a successful system integration!

These trainings provide the seamless integration of EMC into your design-cycle!