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Dirks Compliance Consulting is your european partner for EMC...

Once upon a time, people developed electronic equipment and when everything functioned as intended, someone would quickly do that emc-stuff... Nowadays that "emc-stuff" is something that consumes a lot of resources: time, money, unit-cost, deadlines etc.

There is a way, which is much cheaper and much more convenient than cycling through redesigns and sessions at the test-lab:

Since more than two decades we are a reliable partner of the european electronics industry, specialized in EMC-training and EMC-consulting.

Our consulting-work keeps us in touch with real projects and real problems and thus closes the "control-loop" for our continuous research upon which the trainings are built. As all our speakers are experienced teachers, we ensure that you can actually "take home" our know-how!

Understanding EMC means Design for EMC!

EMV-Seminare für die PraxisDesign-for-EMC 2020
Become an EMC-expert!

We teach in-depth EMC-Design. For your design-success!

>> Understanding EMC! <<

Stabile Versorgungs-Spannung per Design

New: Release V.4.22

- Massive performance-improvement!

We assist you in avoiding/troubleshooting EMC-issues in your particular design. Contact us for help!